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Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

At the heart of education at Notre Dame School lies the Christian belief that each person is a unique being created in the image of God. Opportunities to deepen this relationship are a high priority at Notre Dame. Our Facilitator for Mission, Retreat Director and faculty, through Mass, retreats, community service, clubs and curriculum, lead the student population by providing these experiences throughout their high school years, which are integral parts of life at Notre Dame.

Faith life is enriched by participation in liturgical worship services offered at the school on a monthly basis. During Advent and Lent there are liturgies and opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Students on all grade levels are invited and encouraged to plan and participate in these liturgies. Students have a choice of whether to attend, but the religious dimension of the school is a vital part of the tradition and mission of Notre Dame, so all are encouraged to attend.
  • Mass and Prayer: Students on all grade levels are invited and encouraged to plan and participate in monthly Mass. During Advent and Lent there are additional liturgies, faculty/staff retreats, led prayers, and opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Each morning of the school year, the students begin the day with prayer during their homeroom time as well.
  • Retreats: Our Retreat Program is a high priority. Retreats are offered annually for each grade level and all students participate as part of their religion program. In the spring, juniors attend a peer-led retreat called Kairos at a spiritual center on the Jersey Shore.
  • Service: Service volunteer hours are required of each student as part of the Notre Dame Graduation requirements. The forty-hour service requirement is expected to be completed by the end of junior year. For more information about the ND Service Program please contact Mr. Scott Vasey at We also provide an opportunity for a select group of students to apply for a service trip each year.
  • Clubs: Students are also encouraged to join our faith based Clubs – The Rosary Club, The Liturgy Club, and Notre Dame Cares – each of which has strong attendance and has a positive impact on the school community.
  • Curriculum: Based on Anne de Xainctonge’s (our founder) strong pedagogical values curriculum, Notre Dame’s students are trained extensively in Catholicism and gospel values. Our religious studies teachers are responsible for the implementation of goals and objectives pertaining to the Gospel values of faith, worship and service, which are woven into our values curriculum.

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