Contact A Chez Nous Parent

Contact A Chez Nous Parent

The Chez Nous Parent Ambassador Group is composed of knowledgeable, enthusiastic parent volunteers who are ready to answer questions about their daughters’ experience at Notre Dame School. As you explore ND for your daughter, feel free to email any of our ambassadors to inquire about the high school exploration process, daily commute to/from ND, our college preparatory curriculum, our robust afterschool program, and more.

If you are interested in becoming a parent ambassador, please complete our interest form.

Manhattan Families

Paulette Radulovic (P '21 & '24)
Lives in Manhattan (Chelsea)
Daughter attended A. Fantis School  
We chose ND for the extraordinary academics and the strong sense of community.
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Jody Hrazanek (P '24)

Lives in Manhattan (Midtown East)
Daughter attended East Side MS
My daughter really enjoyed the day she spent at the school with a current student.
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Elizabeth Ortecho-Rose (P '24)
Lives in Manhattan (Morningside Heights)
Daughter attended P.S. 87
We chose ND because it offers strong academics and extra curricular activities (athletics) within a small, nurturing and empowering environment.
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Maribel Upson (P '24)
Lives in Manhattan (Washington Heights)
Daughter attended PS IS 187
My daughter loved the size of the school, location and sense of community.
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Linda Ferrando (P '25)
Lives in Manhattan (Greenwich/East Village)
Daughter attended Simon Baruch (MS 104)
ND is a small private school in a beautiful area of Manhattan, near multiple public transits. Teachers are quite engaged and caring, giving each student attention. Great facilities with a dedicated library, computer room, art lab, chem lab, dining hall and gym/auditorium. AP courses in most subjects. Multiple sports and clubs. Well rounded curriculum. All female student body give the girls the chance to be themselves and strive for excellence without judgment.
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Allison Hemming (P '25)
Lives in Manhattan (Murray Hill)
Daughter attended The Epiphany School
“1. Great school for an “”all-a-rounder”” with a lot of interests!
2. My daughter also liked that it was big enough at nearly 100 girls per grade she felt like if she didn’t meet her best friends first, she could always be meeting new girls.
3. She also liked that every freshmen would be starting fresh at the school. She was not into feeling like an outsider, and never felt that way at ND.
4. Location, Location, Location!
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Steve McKiernan (P '25)
Lives in Manhattan (Upper West Side)
Daughter attended The Center School
We chose ND for their strong academics and sports programs. Notre Dame is a very diverse, challenging school that helps to progress our daughters to the next steps in their lives.
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Melissa Soto (’93; P '25)
Lives in Manhattan (Chelsea)
Daughter attended Salk MS
As an ND alumna, ND was where I had hoped my daughter would attend. The sense of community, belonging, and strong academics sets ND apart. The faculty and staff continually challenge and enrich the students’ academic lives and extra curricular activities. ND’s foundation in the Catholic faith and its core values allow students to be connected in faith, spirituality, and humanity. It is a community that is fostering global citizens to be empowered and thrive in all facets of an evolving society.
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Nicholas D. Zagoreos (P '25)
Lives in Manhattan (West Village)
Daughter attended 75 Morton
We chose ND for the excellent academics, proximity to home, and the size & diversity of the student body.
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Kimberly Jackson-Owens (P '25 & '26)
Lives in Manhattan (Upper West Side)
Daughters attended School of the Blessed Sacrament
Both my daughters chose Notre Dame because of the warm, welcoming community and college prep academics.
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Vaishali Javeri (P '26)
Lives in Manhattan (Kips Bay/East 20s)
Daughter attended Simon Baruch (MS 104)
My daughter chose ND for its warm and nurturing community, academic rigor and strong values. She felt she would have more opportunities to flourish at an all-girls school. She was impressed with the well-rounded education her brother received at Xavier High School and felt that ND would offer a similar experience.
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Elise Pietracatella (P '26)
Lives in Manhattan (Morningside Heights)
Daughter attended School of The Blessed Sacrament
My daughter chose ND because of the supportive and warm environment as well as the welcoming students and teachers.
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Anna White (P '27)
Lives in Manhattan (Upper West Side)
Daughter attended The Center School
We chose ND for its small nurturing environment, excellent academics, great location, lovely facility, reputation as a well-run school, focus on service, and good college matriculation.
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Kevin Nicholas (P '27)
Lives in Manhattan
Daughter attended The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine
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Jennifer Lordon MacLean (P '27)
Lives in Manhattan (East 50's)
Daughter attended Baruch MS
We chose ND for the more intimate environment, sports teams, and the all girls aspects. 
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Erika Togneri Lackmann (P '27)
Lives in Manhattan (North Battery Park)
Daughter attended The Epiphany School
We have a long history with the school; the academics and attention are things you can not achieve in public school.  
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Mary Beth Vineyard (P '27)
Lives in Manhattan (Cheslea)
Daughter attended The Epiphany School
We chose ND due to its energy and our proximity to the school.
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Shannon Edwards (P '27)
Lives in Manhattan (FiDi)
Daughter attended Baruch MS
We chose the school for the rigorous academics and warm, happy, supportive environment.
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Brooklyn Families

Karen Sheehan (P '26)
Lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Daughter attended Genesis at Xaverian High School
We were drawn to the school’s female centered the environment and its commitment to social justice education and advocacy. Maeve was also particularly interested in the vibrate neighborhood. Finally, we know several successful graduates and current students who were excellent ambassadors for the school community.
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Veracelle Vega-Hansen (P '25)
Lives in DUMBO, Brooklyn
Daughter attended Saint Saviour Catholic Academy
We are big believers in Catholic education and wanted to continue this on from Saint Saviour, Olivia’s middle school. Also, the very convenient location, not too big class size as well as excellent reputation of Notre Dame were very important to us as well.
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Jennifer Francone (P '27)
Lives in Brooklyn
Daughter attended St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy
We chose ND for its cademic rigor and location.
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Queens Families

Pamela Russo (P '26)
Lives in Middle Village, Queens
Daughter attended P.S. 49
My daughter loved the diversity of the school, the curriculum’s focus on marginalized communities, the sisterhood of the girls who attend and the location.
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New Jersey Families

Caroline Damodar-Desloire (P '22 & '24)
Lives in Jersey City, NJ
Daughters attended The OLC School
We chose ND for the higher level of education, the Catholic tradition, and the ideal NYC location.
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Rachel Figueroa (P '24)
Lives in Fort Lee, NJ
Daughter attended Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Tenafly, NJ)
My daughter, Sarah participated in the ND camp the summer she was entering eighth grade. She knew right away that Notre Dame was where she wanted to attend high school. As early as that summer, she witnessed how nurturing the teachers were and how collaborative and welcoming the student were. ND has been her home away from home.
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Beth Smith-Moncrief (P '24 & '27)
Lives in Jersey City, NJ (Hamilton Park)
Daughter attended Explore MS
The location in the city, coupled with the affordability of the school were major selling points. Also, the athletics, club and city access were appealing. For my daughter, it was a combination of what the school offered, coupled with the opinions of friends that sold her on the school.
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Carrie Clores (P '22 & '24)
Lives in Jersey City, NJ
Daughters attended The OLC School
They loved how ND is an all girls school. The open house was impressive, the students leading the tours were so sweet and confident. The commute is easy and they love the location of the school. Mostly, several of their older friends attended and they(and their parents) loved ND!
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Ana Zuck (P '27)
Lives in Jersey City (lived on UWS previously)
Daughter attended St. Ignatius Loyola
We chose ND for athletics, art program, location, and size. My daughter was looking for a new experience, but wanted to remain in Catholic education.
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