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Located in the heart of New York City, Notre Dame School resides in a spacious, classical school building, which has been beautifully renovated since we moved into the building in 2002.
Through the generosity of our donors, over $4,000,000 has been raised in order to build an environment where Notre Dame students continue to achieve at the highest level. We are profoundly grateful to our benefactors who have allowed us to achieve great things for the students of Notre Dame.

As a result of our fine facilities, we have been able to continue to attract full enrollment and our school continues to grow and prosper. Enrollment has grown by over 74%, from 208 in 2002 to today’s 360

Just as it takes many talents to create and maintain a building, it takes contributions of all sizes to make Notre Dame the school of the future. Please consider making a gift in support of ND by Clicking Here!

For more information, contact Elizabeth Bixenman, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations, at 212-620-5575 x317 or by email at bixenmane@cheznous.org.

Facilities Highlights

The school has made great strides in renovating our home in Greenwich Village, some highlights of which include:
  • New West Entrance Doors:  Anne's Portal (Spring 2023)
  • Health and safety building upgrades to comply to Covid-19 pandemic protocols (Fall 2020)
  • Fully air conditioned the building’s instruction and office spaces (Summer 2019)
  • Updated phone, safety and alarm systems (Fall 2018)
  • Installed 70″ touch screen TVs in each classroom (2014)
  • ND Commons Student Cafeteria Renovation (Fall 2012)
  • Sr. Mary Dolan, S.U. Arts and Athletic Center (Summer 2011)
  • Notre Dame Alumnae Chapel funded by loyal alumnae and the Koch Foundation (Spring 2009)
  • Library Center funded by The Charles Hayden Foundation, Louis Calder Foundation, and The Hyde and Watson Foundation (Spring 2006)
  • Technology & Art Media Center (Fall 2004)
  • Art Studio funded by Altman Foundation(Winter 2003)
  • Carson Family Science Center (Spring 2003)
  • Administrative Offices (Fall of 2002)
  • Notre Dame Counseling Center (Fall 2002)
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