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Academic Requirements for Notre Dame School Diploma
A Notre Dame School diploma is merited by the satisfactory completion of a secondary course of study totaling 29.5 units. These units include those required by New York State. The passing grade in each subject is 70%.


English 4 units
Mathematics 4 units
Science 4 units
Social Studies 4 units
Electives 3 units
French or Spanish 3 units
Physical Education 2 units
*Religious Studies 2 units
*American Studies 1 unit
Counseling Course 1 unit
*Latin 1 unit
Technology Literacy 1 unit
The Arts 1 unit
Health Education
1/2 unit

* May be waived for transfer students with the approval of the principal.

  • Seniors take a minimum of 7 subjects at Notre Dame. Permission of the principal is needed for any exceptions.
  • Seniors are expected to pass all their courses in senior year. A failure in English (which is automatically warranted by failure to submit the senior term paper), Religious Studies, Economics, Government, Physical Education, or electives may render a student ineligible for graduation. Any failure must be made up in a program approved by the principal. Seniors with multiple failures and/or excessive absences, latenesses or detentions may be excluded from graduation exercises. In addition, students who do not live up to ND values may be excluded from graduation exercises.
  • The farewell speech at graduation is given by a senior who embodies ND values and has demonstrated leadership, school spirit, and academic excellence. The senior is invited by the principal after consultation with other administrators and faculty.
  • College courses may be taken only with the approval of the Notre Dame counseling department. College courses are not a substitute for Notre Dame Requirements and are not awarded Notre Dame Credit. College credits are offered at Pace University through the Bridge Program.
  • All financial obligations must be met by April of the year of graduation in order for a student to receive a cap, gown, and tickets and in order for her to participate in the graduation ceremony.
  • Notre Dame students must complete 40 hours of volunteer service as a requirement for graduation. Below are some guidelines for this requirement. (Click here for more information about the Notre Dame School Service Program or contact Mr. Scott Vasey, program coordinator.)
    • The service is to be done outside of school.
    • The service is to be done for a not-for-profit organization whose mission upholds Notre Dame values.
    • Proposed service placements must be approved by the service coordinator.
    • The 40 hours of service should be completed by the end of junior year.
    • The student must submit to the service coordinator, on letterhead of the organization, documentation indicating the type of service provided and the number of hours completed.
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